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Welcome to Polygon Corporation:

Polygon Corp. specializes in producing paraffin wax that serves as the highest quality candle wax, paper coating, and food grade wax for use in food production. We make special blends of wax for use by candle makers and paper coaters upon request. Our other specialty waxes include microcrystalline wax, sculpting and spru wax, and beeswax. Other product lines include candle gel, petrolatum (petroleum jelly), wax emulsion, mineral oil, and candle additives.

Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts and formerly of South Boston, MA, Polygon Corp. has been dedicated to providing customers the highest quality waxes, candle gels, emulsions, petrolatums, mineral oils, candle additives, and personal customer service for over 40 years.

Recent Updates and Information:

We will continue to provide our customers with the lowest possible prices, and urge customers to call orders in so they can be given the most up to date price quote. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

620 South St., Holbrook, MA 02343
Phone: 617-268-4455
Fax: 617-268-9636